Reimagined Learning Community

A community of Activists, Makers, Farmers, Healers, Rebels, Gamers, Hackers, Poets, Singers, Dancers, Painters, Researchers. Who is doing some MAD QUESTION ASKING…As to our times, specifically how we learning and why we learning, Realizing that learning was never mainstream but multiple streams and rivers that flow to and through a multiverse of experiences re-and context. We aim to support education that is rooted in restoring, healing, and Reimagining Life as we know it.

Johannesburg, South Africa

We are deeply rooted in Ubuntu, I am because You are and they were. Values of community and regenerative ways of life, acknowledging nature, the skies, and the spiritual. We believe that through a community working together for one purpose to sustain a good life for all we are able to raise youth with an awareness of social issues and creativity to navigate themselves and ourselves through life.

People young and old develop skills and learn according to their own natural rhythms, and we trust that each person, is capable of learning on their own continuum and in their own time and their own unique way.

At the Reimagined Learning Centre , We have been Reimagining and Remembering educational models by looking at how learning showed up in indigenous communities, We have realized LEARNING TO BE A SACRED PRACTICE.  Allowing the centre/community can enable promote and sustain the love of learning. We are a Learning Community, meaning when you subscribe you are part of your personal,  your child’s learning and the communities learning. This involves creating, cultivating and holding space for learning and growth on all levels eg academic emotional and spiritual.


61 Bellevue St Johannesburg, 2139 South Africa

+27 730077903

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