Gaia University

Gaia University is an alternative university fostering a purposeful, global community of thoughtful learners and unlearners focused on ecological regeneration and social justice.

Colorado, United States

The approach emphasizes balanced flow of action and theory, learning by doing merged with learning by thinking (praxis). Required courses are offered online in a vibrant eLearning environment for exchange of ideas and resources and showcasing project work. Student associates spend a considerable period of their degree or diploma study engaged in self-designed and directed local (or nomadic projects) which are documented, mentored and evaluated by self, peers and professional advisors.  World-wide, GaiaU supports student ‘Associates’ in creating and documenting significant world change work.GaiaU exists to fill the gap mainstream education has left in dealing with the global scale of ecosystem challenges. GaiaU is advancing the pedagogy, leadership development in, and technical and strategic value of regenerative projects, and the creation of congruent livelihoods.

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