Bioregional Learning Centre

The Bioregional Learning Centre is an alternative university offering learning and connections for the people of South Devon, England, increasing their capacity or solving local problem s, consistent with their own needs and the eco-systems around them.

Devon, England

Bioregional Learning Centre is a community-facing learning lab for resilience. Working across sectors—water, energy, food, health, the environment, well-being, culture and livelihoods being some of them- BLC initiates collaborations between organisations and individuals. BLC is building a team that is distributed between organisations, researching a baseline from which to plan future scenarios, listening to what communities see as the most pressing issues and organising learning journeys. Together with multi-stakeholder partnerships in South Devon, the Centre is inviting everyone into a learning experience with the aim to create and serve a resilient, sustainable, learning bioregion.In order to promote fluency in understanding and working with systems at many levels, and for all ages, the community-facing learning lab is helping the people of South Devon develop and express their own capacity for solving their own problems, consistent with their own needs and the eco-systems around them.



Reconomy Centre, Totnes, Devon, England.

0044 01803 847976

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