Ecoversities Turtle Island Regional Gathering 2024, Cascadia Bioregion | 19th – 23rd of July | Registration Open

Dear kindred spirits,

In the dance of life’s unfolding mysteries, we extend an invitation to join us for 5 days of co-exploring, sharing gifts and skills, and un/learning. 

This will be the first-ever in-person Turtle Island Regional Gathering of the Ecoversties Alliance. We will be hosted at the Atlan Center, located in the Cascadia bioregion of the northwest this July 19 – 23rd, 2024.

Our focus is to bring together people who are deeply involved with reimagining education — working within and beyond the modern education systems — as well as in locally-rooted learning spaces that are regenerating community, ecology, local economy and a sensibility of coming back home. Many of these places are connected with different grassroots, social and ecological movements, indigenous communities, and others.

During the 5-day Turtle Island Ecoversities Alliance gathering you can expect to:

  • Immerse yourself in a mezcla of group sessions, dialogues, and moments of stillness surrounded by an enchanting ecology of the White Salmon River watershed
  • Share ideas, practices and dreams for unlearning and relearning
  • Get inspired by the richness and diversity of learning initiatives taking place in the Turtle Island region 
  • Make and deepen friendships with like-minded souls and increase capacity for solidarity across our region
  • Celebrate the unique awareness each one of us brings to the tapestry of our collective journey of re-imagining education and life
  • Be introduced to the Ecoversites Alliance, and discover different possibilities with the network

Logistics Overview (Details here)

    • Dates & Travel: July 19 (Evening) through 23rd (Afternoon) at Atlan Center which is located in White Salmon, WA* within the Cascadia bioregion 
      • *Closest major airport is PDX in Portland, OR 
      • July 24: Option to visit learning centers in Portland 
  • Contributions:
    • We encourage everyone who attends to consider yourself a contributor. What gifts do you have you can bring to share? What questions that you hold may guide our explorations? What longings may open our collective imagination?
    • Financial contributions are welcome, and we are seeking to source grant funding to subsidize individual costs.
    • Hard costs for this experience are estimated to be $150-250 per person including food, basic accommodations, and group ground travel from Portland. We are intending to offer some financial assistance, cost sharing, and gifting.

About Atlan Center

Atlan is a living and learning village dedicated to the artful co-creation of healthy living systems celebrating the connectedness and diversity of all Life. Atlan provides sanctuary for the creation of sustainable culture through the holistic integration of healing, art, and design. 

Atlan community stewards 151 acres and integrates with neighboring residences just northwest of the city of White Salmon, Washington. The land has beautiful southern slopes with year round streams. It hosts stands of second growth Douglas fir, riparian transition zones, and oak savannah, providing a rich variety of flora and fauna and a place to grow our vibrant future! 

Want to join us? Please begin by reading the information in the button above, and then you can out this interest form.

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