Centro Amazanga

Centro Amazanga is a natural sanctuary in the tropical jungle of Ecuador in the province of Napo. It is a place of connection with and learning from nature. We have dedicated our hearts to the conservation of traditional knowledges, to the native communities (kichwa) and to the tropical jungle.

The principal purpose of Amazanga (which in kichwa mythology is the jaguar spirit who protects the jungle) is to restore balance and harmony within ourselves as human beings and within the relations to everything surrounding us. We have built this place to preserve, recover and practice the ancient knowlege of wise women and men of the Amazon. This goes hand in hand with supporting native communities and protecting the ecosystem.

We have adapted the ancestral wisdom, which has brought human beings to live in harmony, in order to find this balance in our daily lives. We develop theoretical-practical tools which are applicable in all processes of our everyday life, be it within our family, our business, our relationships, friendships, or with ourselves.

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