Alivelihoods: Exploring Entrepreneurship, Earth Restoration and Soul Fulfilling Work Jain and Jayashree Arasu share their wisdom around Alivelihoods. Daniel Rudolph serves as the moderator and offers a guided meditation in the beginning of the call. You can read more about Manish, Jayashree and Daniel below.

Manish Jain is the co-founder and coordinator of Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development. After attending Harvard University, Manish Jain worked on Wall Street and then with the UN on international development. Although his education and career are what society would view as the epitome of success, throughout his journey Manish questioned the system that celebrated and recognized only a narrow definition of knowledge.

Often stating that his illiterate grandmother was his greatest teacher, Manish Jain is deeply engaged in the movement to re-imagine education and move away from a system that creates a “monoculture of the mind”. This passion to decolonize knowledge brought Manish, his wife, Vidhi Jain, and their daughter, Kanku, back to India where they set up a center to ‘un-learn’ and explore ways of helping young people pursue other possibilities. We hear inspiring stories from his work in Udaipur and around the world and hear about the ‘walk-outs’, un-learners, Swaraj Jail University, the Complexity University and the Ecoversities Alliance that is spreading throughout schools and growing around the world. 

Jayashree Arasu is a a co-initiator of an alternative learning space called Inner Companion Ecoversity, based out of Tiruvannamalai, in South India. Along with her husband, she has jumped into this full-time since August 2021 – the two pillars on which we base our work are Regeneration and Spirituality. Learn more here:

Dan Rudolph is a seeker and lifelong-learner, dedicated to the path of truth and compassion. For the past ten years Dan’s work has been focused on education. He is currently a resident at MAPLE Monastic Academy exploring the intersection between contemplative practice and social action.

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