A Cry for the Future Online Gathering: The Village of Lovers Documentary Global Premiere February 7 – 14, 2024

We are excited to share that our friends at Re/Culture Films are releasing their decade-long documentary film project The Village of Lovers in a global premiere online between February 7 – 14, alongside an online summit: A Cry for the Future that they are hosting as a gift, with an incredible cast of leading global visionaries.

The Village of Lovers shares the 45 year story of the Tamera Peace Research Village in Portugal, the most successful Ecovillage in the world. Tamera began in post WWII Germany, with a vow to build a model for a culture of peace, taking responsibility for the horrors of the war to never happen again. They quickly however encountered the core shadows of human community, particularly in the realms of money, love, sex, and power, leading them to realize that regenerating trust was the turn-key to a true global revolution that would ensure a viable future for all. The Village of Lovers shares their story and their secrets for the first time.The film will be released to stream online starting February 7th, by a ‘pay what you determine’ model, a gift from the filmmakers to humanity.

If future generations could send their guidance back in time, what would they tell us? Join us for a free online gathering with a diverse cast of visionary artists, activists, and wisdom-keepers to find out.

“As a species we stand at a crossroads. Today, the news headlines declared 2023 was again the hottest year on record, and that we have officially reached the 1.5 degree celsius warming limit, which was the upper limit of the Paris Climate Accords. The Future Generations, those who will inherit the Earth, are reaching back through time, crying, pleading with us to make revolutionary changes, and they are offering their wisdom and support.

The Summit is a 5 Day Online Gathering that will weave compelling thought-leaders and edge-walkers from diverse fields to remember our ancient roots as we strive for a visionary future.

This summit will be a transmission of their wisdom, their pleads, their exuberance for life – so please join us! This event is offered in the spirit of the Gift

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