2nd Regional Ecoversities Gathering of Our Americas 2019


 Corazón, Corzón, Corazón, Mi Corazón


 30 Projects, Leaders, Weavers, and Seeds met in the Ecovillage of Chambalabamba with the purpose of reinvidicaiting our knowledges and practices of learning and healing. We re-imagined pedagogical processes which are both significant and relevant to the co-construction and design of a new earth. The call of our times require us to nurture new stories, narratives, and possibilities that allow us to reconnect, and regenerate social, political, cultural, economic, and educational ecosystems.

Objectives of the meeting 

  • Hold the second annual Latin American Gathering
  • Reconnect and revalue our principles
  • Co-design and construct the future of the Alliance
  • Review our history
  • Connect deeply and spiritually
  • Mutual collaboration and creation of new possibilities and projects
  • Sharing of practices, methods, knowledges, narratives, histories
  • Minga
  • Asamblea

Day 1 – Arrival and Introduction to the Gathering, and talk around the fire with Solar Shaman

Day 2 – Deeper Connection, Significance and Symbols, Ceremony, Temazcal

Day 3 –  Weaving exercise, Project Recognition

Day 4 – Asamblea and Offerings

Day 5 – Walk to Cerro Mandango, Closing, Till Mexico

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