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Tales from the Second Asian Ecoversities Regional Gathering, Hoi An, Vietnam, 31st October – November 3rd, 2023

The Second Asian Regional Gathering of the Ecoversities Alliance took place at Triem Tay Garden in Hoi An, Vietnam, from October 31st to November 3rd, 2023, adopting an unConference format. The main objective was to assemble individuals deeply engaged in reimagining higher education. These visionaries work both within and outside the conventional education systems and universities. They also contribute to locally-rooted learning spaces that foster community regeneration, ecological sustainability, local economy development, and a sense of belonging. Many of these initiatives are connected to various grassroots, social, and ecological movements, as well as indigenous communities.

Following the success of the inaugural Asian gathering in Thailand last year, VCIL Community, as a dedicated participant in the movement for years, had the honor of hosting this year’s event in Vietnam. VCIL is a network and community of individuals advocating for a paradigm shift towards a well-being society and holistic, sustainable development in a disruptive world. We this through alternative, non-traditional education and social entrepreneurship to construct new models of development and civilization.

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