The Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning (CRIL)

The CRIL is an insurgent learning space and convivial research tool designed to facilitate locally rooted participatory, action-oriented investigation rooted reflection and action spaces that regenerate community.

Califas, USA

The Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning (CRIL) tool is a web infrastructure made possible through the collaboration of the Universidad de la Tierra’s Center for Appropriated Technologies and the Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy. As a system of information, CRIL emphasizes the critical intersection between grassroots horizontal investigative practices, analytical frameworks, facilitation strategies, and direct action casework for the purpose of generating open, reflexive system(s) of information. As a collective research tool, available to anyone, CRIL encourages tequios de investigación, or strategic, collectively determined research projects to address community struggles, reclaim commons, regenerate culture, facilitate intra/inter-cultural encounters, and promote direct democracy.


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