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From tourists to pilgrims, the pedagogy of traveling

By Sharmila Govande “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” <footer> <cite>Oliver Wendell Holmes</cite> </footer> </blockquote> As part of our post graduation course in social work (1), we were required to get a glimpse of the local social development projects through a fifteen day journey.

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Walking the scarred path or discovering the sacred masculinity in us?

by Nitin Paranjape   For the past year, I have been a part of an interesting co-learning experiment called “Mensversity”. The idea first took root in informal dialogues over lunch or chai during the Indian Multiversity Alliance (IMA) meeting at the Deer Park Institute in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. The Indian Multiversity Alliance is a flexible,

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The many shades of love

by Abhishek Thakore and Dan Rudolph Love…oh love! The spice that comes in a million flavours. The joie de vivre. The feeling that makes life worth living. The only emotion that can increase intelligence. The subject of more than half the songs humanity has ever written. The essence of the Sufi’s path. And yet, our

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