What We Are Learning: Responses to Pedagogy, Otherwise


In the series Pedagogy, Otherwise—part of a line of inquiry dedicated to Learning, Pedagogies, and Education—I began exploring texts that approached the question with a diverse range of perspectives. I was interested in focusing on those experiences or experiments resulting from communities of practice and communities of struggle, in which learning spaces are informed by a quest for social justice or ecological activism, with an equal attention on theories, praxis, and aesthetic processes.

Artists are indeed involved in this wider movement of reclaiming learning, and are engaging more explicitly with the inherently transformative and pedagogical elements of art.

The notion of an “otherwise” signaled a shared criticality towards the neoliberal, western-centric, colonial rationale behind education systems. But it also recalls the changing, historical, and context-based nature of “radical pedagogy” in challenging existing paradigms.

After commissioning the pieces, I asked other contributors involved in the struggle to reclaim learning, to participate in a “round table” and engage in a conversation with those initial texts. I urged them to respond by focusing on their methodologies, tools, stories, places, and languages, and to write from their own, often emergent, pedagogical, ecological, and ontological perspectives.

We share the hope that affirming the different ways of being and knowing can bring different ways of relating. Otherwise.

First Published: http://artseverywhere.ca/roundtables/pedagogy-otherwise-responses/.


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