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Gaia U Latina/ ERES

Gaia U Latina is a living university without walls, an ecoversity that crosses borders, like a un-institution, which seeks to encourage a global intentional community of apprentices and enthusiastic and thoughtful apprentices, focused on ecological regeneration and social justice. Our work started in 2008 We are Incubating a Culture of Ecosocial Regeneration in Chile and

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Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (Hial)

HIAL aims to break the rigid boxes of conventional thinking, be relevant to people’s lives, and encourage learning via practical application of knowledge.
The scarcity of some resources and abundance of others inspire crafty solutions to everyday problems. The innovative approach to education, ‘Learning by Doing’, is closing the gap between mainstream and alternative learning at

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UnaVersity is creating a lively Transformative Learning community of emergent and resilient unaVillages, where people are Learning, Working and Living together for a sustainable, good and peaceful livelihood within the global, solidary UnaVision community. UnaVersity offers a unique learning environment for the global UnaVision community. The UnaVersity approaches are Transformative Learning, Project-Based Learning (PBL), Learning

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