gigatonne challenge

THE GIGATONNE CHALLENGE – Complexity University

A BOLD, NEW, BOTTOM-UP, AT-SCALE, AT-PACE RESPONSE TO THE GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS We invite you to read about this adventure from Complexity University. You’ll find voices, study cases, what they did in 2020 and next steps towards reducing global emissions one prototype at the time:  Gigatonne challenge – Complexity University from Ecoversities More information about

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Ecoversities - virtual planetary gathering

Ecoversities Film Festival 2020

Join us on December 4th, 5th and 6th during the 5th Global Gathering to celebrate Guti San*, a compendium of audiovisual publications supported by Ecoversities, a reflection of a diverse alliance of artists connected by multiple feelings and common dreams. Join us to celebrate them at the 2020 Ecoversities Film Festival during the online planetary

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Ecoversities Dreaming

This short documentary/poem by Udi Mandel and other friends from the Ecoversities Alliance is an invitation  to dream with us the weavings of the Alliance over the past 5 years. The film has glimpses of the International Gatherings held in Portugal, Costa Rica, India and Mexico and is narrated by multiple Alliance members in their

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Vimukt Shiksha Yatra A Virtual Learning Journey

Vimukt shiksha yatra a virtual learning journey from Ecoversities The Shiksha Yatra is envisioned with an intention to inspire ideas, learning and collaborations towards re-imagining education. It will help you pause and reflect to your roots of Education. It is a platform to build new connections, meet visionaries who are doing amazing work in the

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