Swagyan Mandir

Swagman Mandir is a space devoted to working for the values of truth, integrity, nonviolence and compassion, raising collective consciousness of all beings.

Ahmedabad, India

Swagman Mandir considers itself a sacred space, nestled in the heart of Gandhi Ashram which. This place has kindled the spirit of inner and outer freedom through the lives of legendary souls who have, over the past century, lived and worked tirelessly for India’s independence. With deep gratitude, the next generation of Swagman Mandir attempts to embrace their responsibility for the future of humanity in the same spirit. The spaces focuses on following three pillars.

True Nature (Swabhav), the notion that every soul has a unique essence, which makes each person a distinct individual. Once this remembrance is rekindled within our self the path to self-transformation can be charted more consciously.

Self-Knowledge (Swagyan), or the awareness of our true nature, leads to a natural inquiry into authentic expression.

Creative Manifestation (Srujan), the notion that once one celebrates their  being, and walks relentlessly in pursuit of authentic expression, the path to their most fearless expression of love is paved naturally.



Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, Near PTC college, Old Wadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380027, India

+91 98986 84394

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